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PCB Stencil–PKS71X_V3

Main Features:

Available Stencil Size
Stencil size(included Frame)*MM Stencil size(included Frame)*MM Relative stainless steel size*MM
736*736 736*736 600*600
584*584 584*584 474*474
550*650 550*650 430*530
650*650 650*650 520*520
420*520 420*520 330*430
370*470 370*470 280*380
Or Customized
Technology 100% laser cut
Material used 304 HTA Stainless Steel
Stencil thickness 0.1-0.18mm
Minimum cut width .002 inches
Maximum size 29″x29″ inches
Aperture tolerance within .00025 inches
Allow for Fiducial Data Yes
Allow for panelized data Yes
Key Features
Types: Etch stencil,Laser Stencil,Al Stencil,Touching Stencil,Step-down Stencil,Step-up Stencil
Unique Process for Smooth Aperture Walls
Very Clean Laser-Cut Apertures
Excellent Print Performance
Excellent for SMT Stencil Printing on PCB
Unique Process Creates Permanent Non-removable Non-fading Fiducial
All Framed SMT Stencils are Double Bonded to Extreme Wear

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